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When To See Your Emergency Dentist

Ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy and properly cared for is very important. While this includes coming in for scheduled routine cleanings and other dental care services, there are situations in which you will need more immediate dental care. When you are in need of emergency dentistry in Saint Louis, MO, you should come to the family dentistry practice of Dr. Ronald Triplett. There are several situations in particular that warrant coming in for emergency care.

Tooth Trauma

One situation when you will need to see an emergency dentist is if you are experiencing tooth trauma. If you have been involved in any type of accident that results in a cracked or damaged tooth, you should never delay having your teeth properly cared for. An emergency dentist could provide a cap, bridge, or veneer that can help to protect your teeth and improve your smile. If necessary, they could also provide a full replacement tooth if the original cannot be saved. 

Significant Pain

If you are experiencing significant pain, it is also a sign that you should see your dentist. Feeling immense pain in your teeth, jaw, or gums can be a sign of an underlying dental challenge including an infection, exposed root, or other issues that need care. When you see a professional for emergency dentistry in Saint Louis, MO they will be able to fully diagnose the problem and provide the care you need. This can include full tooth extraction, a root canal, or another emergency service. 

Bleeding Gums

Proper gum health is just as important as having healthy teeth. While some bleeding is common due to flossing or other forms of care, if the bleeding seems uncontrollable and occurs without a cause, it can be a sign of periodontal disease. In this situation, you should always see your dentist as soon as you can to start receiving the proper form of care.

When you are in need of emergency dentistry in Saint Louis, MO, you should come to meet with Dr. Triplett. When you do come here, you can receive the care you need to help protect your teeth and help to relieve any pain that you are experiencing. 

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