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Periodontal Update 2016


The office would like to thank Dr. George Kyd and Dr. Thomas Schaberg from West Port Periodontics for offering such a great seminar. The continuing education course covered three subjects. 

Guest speaker, Dr. Braga, discussed the laser assisted new attachment prodedure (LANAP).  LANAP is an FDA-cleared laser treatment  protocol that offers a less painful, more successful treatment alternative than conventional surgery options. LANAP is a scientifically, research proven method that results in periodontal regeneration, new bone growth and gum tissue reattachment.

The next subject discussed was Osteoporosis and it's relationship to oral health.  It's important to always update your dentist on any changes in medical history or medications.  Osteoporosis and associated medications can affect dental treatment planning, jaw and periotdontal health.

The third subject was presented by Nobel Biocare. They presented an update on implant restoration: cemented vs. screw retained implants. 

All three subjects were presented well and the office is excited to implement what we learned!

Unlock the Night for Maren Fun'd


Do you remember when Dr. Triplett ran the Santa Barbara Marthon to raise money for the Maren Fund? Our very own patient Annie ran the last 200 yards with him; it was a very fun and memorable race. Well the Maren Fund was back at it.  Dr. Triplett, Diane and Marty attended the "Unlock the Night for Maren Fun'd" at Kirkwood Brewing Station. It was a night filled with music, food, socializing and of course raising money to provide educational programs to help children with Down Syndrome.

If you would like learn more about the Maren Fund or would like to donate please go to http://www.marenfund.org/


Christmas 2015


The office had our annual Christmas party at none other than Annie Gunns.  Elizabeth and her husband were excited to attend their first Triplett Family Dentistry Christmas Party. It is always a good time when the office gets together plus we has some amazing food and shared some great laughs. Check out some office pictures on our Instagram page. 


Our office is now on Instagram! Our user name is TriplettFamilyDentistry. We will post pictures of daily activity and office news. Please follow us and keep up to date on all of our office shenanigans :) 

New Support Dog


Stop by our office to meet Waylon Jennings. He is our newest staff member and he is full of spunk!

New Staff Member


Please welcome our new Dental Assistant, Elizabeth. She is a great addition to the team and we look forward to our patient's meeting her.  Check out the Meet Our Staff page to read her bio.

"Let's Do it!"


Dr, Triplett ran the Santa Barbara Marathon to benefit the Maren Fund, Inc. The name of the of the Fundraiser is "Let's Do It!"  He decided to run the race in honor of one our patients, Annie. Annie and her parents were there at the race cheering Dr. Triplett on.  Annie ran the last 200 yards and crossed the finish line with Dr. Triplett. Her favorite part was pouring cold water over Dr. Triplett's head. 

The Maren Fund, Inc provides educational programs to help children with Down Syndrome.  The learning program is parent/child focused and empowers parents to teach their children literacy, math and other skills. Their mission is to ensure that children with disabilities are valued and given opportunities to pursue full and active lives.

Our office raised $7,000.00 for the Maren Fund, Inc. We would like to thank all of our amazing patients who supported Dr. Triplett and the Maren Fund. If you like to learn more about the Maren Fund or make an additional donation click here.

CPR Training


Our office took part in a CPR/BLS re-certification course. We are now up-to-date on all of the  latest information and procedures.

Osha Course


The office did our annual OSHA and HIPPA training. We have a Stericyle Representive come to our office and make sure we are up to date on all safety regulations. The purpose is to not only protect out patients but to protect ourselves from hazardous medical waste. We pride ourselves on having a clean and safe environment for everybody. If you would like to know more about Stericycle's regulations check out their website:  www.stericycle.com

Cement-Free Implant Dentistry


Dr. Triplett attended a course presented by Scott MacLean, DDS. The course discussed screw-retained implants vs. cement-retained restorations. 

Immediate Implant Placement and Loading


Nobel Biocare offered a course that explored the boundaries of modern implant dentistry.  This course was presented to Dr. Triplett by Dr. David A. Gelb, DDS.The seminar reviewed actual clinical cases and step-by-step review of each case from presentation, to completion, and long term follow-up. The benefits of immediate implant placement include decreased treatment time, fewer surgical procedures, reduced cost, and patient preference for non-removable restorations.

Nichole's Surprise


Today the office surprised Nichole with a house warming luncheon shower and a cake replica of her new home. It was fun to see her reaction. She has been building her home over the last six months and it has been fun to see the stages of the construction. Nichole's friend Lindsay made a delicious cake that looked like her new home. Check out her amazing cake designs at Sugarbellecakery.com.

Little Bit


Our office will be volunteering our time at the Little Bit Foundation in honor of Dental Health month.  We will be donating toothbrushes, tooth paste and other various dental items to underserved children around the St. Louis area. 

The Little Bit Foundation was founded in 2001 out of a small request from an inner-city teacher and has grown into an organization serving 5,400 elementary and middle school students in 16 St. Louis area schools. 

The Little Bit's volunteers develop strong partnerships with sponsored schools to offer consistent and empowering hope to children in need.  Little Bit presence in the schools, working one-on-one with each child, combined with providing necessities such as clothing, shoes, coats and school supplies, ensures each child is made to feel special.

Little Bit has the power to change lives!

Update:  Our office had a great time helping out the wonderful staff at Little Bit Foundation. Executive Director, Rose Hanley, extended a warm welcome to us and turned us over to Carolyn Triplett, Distribution Center Manager. We had a full tour of the Little Bit facility and an overview of what the Little Bit Foundation accomplishes for the children in need at St. Louis Schools. The needs of these children was eye-opening and provided even more motivation to do what we could to make their life and

school experience more positive.

Our day of volunteering at Little Bit Foundation was so enlightening and energizing that we as an office have decided to volunteer our time again. We are also excited to support Little Bit Foundation by purchasing a tableat the music trivia night on March 8th held at Whitfield School.

For more information about the Little Bit Foundation and the music trivia night: www.thelittlebitfoundation.org

Update: The Trivia Night for the Little Bit Foundation was a huge success and a lot of fun for our office. The crowd (650 guests) was challenged to remember music trivia from all genres. As an office we did not challenge the top tables but we sure ate well and laughed at our answers or lack thereof.

Community Service

St. Gemma School

February is dental health month and Dr. Triplett talked with the students at the St. Gemma Center about all things dental.  He covered the basics about brushing twice a day, flossing, and eating a healthy diet. The students were FUN and very excited to participate in the program.  We all had a good afternoon. St. Gemma Center works with children of varying developmental disabilities.



Our office had another wonderful Christmas Party this year, held at Annie Gunns restaurant in Chesterfield.  We love the food and the atmosphere at Annie Gunns, a great way to kick off the Holiday season.  This year we had a rare occurrence when Santa himself showed up to join in the fun.   We were excited to have Nichole join in on our festivities

for the first time.   We look forward to many, many more with her.   As always this is a great bonding experience for us.

Run 4 The Pack outcomes

Race Day


Dr. Triplett completed the Santa Barbara International Veterans Marathon to raise money for Gateway Pet Guardians and Support Dogs Inc.  The generous contributions by

our many wonderful patients provided the motivation to finish a difficult marathon course in honor of Nikki and Dakota.

Gateway Pet Guardians


Dr. Triplett, his wife Linda and daughter Carolyn, whom volunteers for Gateway Pet Guardians, presented a check in the amount of $1,190.00 to Gateway Pet Guardians.  This organization is a no-kill rescue facility which nurtures dogs back to health and places the dogs into caring homes for a great life.  Shelter Manager Gary accepted the donation on behalf of the many dogs whose lives have been saved by this tremendous group of volunteers. We toured the facility and met a special, recently rescued Pit Bull named Liberty.  Liberty was so cute and love being petted.  Liberty has been a TV star on local news as of late, representing Gateway Pet Guardians.


Support Dogs Inc.


Dr. Triplett, his wife Linda and our own dental hygienist Marty (with her 13th support dog Leonard) were excited to present a check in the amount of $1,190.00 to Support Dogs Inc.  Executive Director Bill Dahlcamp, was very appreciative to receive our gift. We were given a VIP tour of the current facility and shown the architectural drawings for the Capital Campaign new Support Dogs facility to break ground in February 2014.  We also were treated to a full demonstration of the many skills these wonderful dogs offer to help clients live independently in today's world.  Shoney, a yellow lab and handler, Nadine were tremendous ambassadors for Support Dogs Inc.


Run 4 The Pack


Dr. Triplett will be running the Santa Barbara Marathon in November.  He will be running this race on behalf of his recently passed Huskies, Dakota and Nikki. The name of the  fundraiser is Run 4 the Pack. Dakota and Nikki were brother and sister and never spent a day apart. Dakota passed about 2 months ago and poor Nikki passed recently
due to a broken heart. They were wonderful, sweet and loving huskies! The charities who will benefit from this marathon will be Gateway Pet Guardians and another St. Louis based dog assistance program.  

If you would like to make a donation please call our office or mail donations to:
Run 4 The Pack
C/O Ronald L Triplett DMD
11600 Manchester
Suite 202
Saint Louis, MO 63131

Update: Dr. Triplett completed the Santa Barbara International Veterans Marathon.  Our office raised $2,380.00 for Gateway Pet Guardians and Support Dogs Inc.  We would like to say THANK YOU to all of our patients who supported Dr. Triplett and the wonderful charities.  The money collected will be donated to the organizations in honor of Nikki and Dakota.  We are looking forward to raising more money for more charities for each race Dr. Triplett runs. 
Facebook.com/Triplett DMD

Contemporary Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics


This continuing education will be presented to Dr. Triplett, Marty, Heather and Nichole.  The course will offer education on the latest in orthodontics. The course will be presented by board certified orthodontists Drs. Farhad and Maz Moshiri D.M.D.M.S. 

Update: We would like to thank Dr. Farhad Moshiri, Dr. Maz Moshiri and their dedicated staff for putting together a wonderful seminar. The seminar went over very in-depth information on Clinical Implications of Growth and Development, The Importance of Early Interception in Orthodontics, Case Selection, Extractions vs. Non-Extractions, Adult Orthodontics, Skeletal Anchorage Devices, Orthognathic Surgery and Invisalign.  This program updated our knowledge in the area of orthodontics.  We are excited to apply this new information to provide better treatment options for our patients.

Implant Surgery Certification


This will provide Dr. Triplett with the surgical skills required to place implants. He has been restoring implants since 1985.  He will now have clinical ability to place and restore implants here in our office.  We are excited to be able to offer the complete implant restorative process to our patients.

Update: Dr. Triplett completed the 2 day surgical implant course in Chicago at University Associates in Dentistry.  This hands on course provided Dr. Triplett the biological and scientific basics for the dental implant process.  In conjunction with the implant surgery, Dr. Triplett was also taught the extraction-bone graft protocol  necessary to enhance implant success.  Dr. Triplett's assistant, Phyllis also attended the program to become certified on surgical set-up and protocol.  

More information here: Bone Graft & Implants

Cardinal Game


Our office had a blast at this year’s cardinal’s game!  We had quite a few laughs, especially after realizing the cotton candy had turned our tongues blue. 

Most of the evening we had rain.  Thank goodness we had such a wonderful view to go along with it.  It seems like our office is always in for a show at the Cardinals game.

Announcement of Changes


Beginning April 15, 2013 we will have a few staffing changes.  This is very exciting for our office!  We will be adding a new hygienist Nichole.  Check out the Meet Our Staff page to read her bio.  Also, our front office will have a change.  Diane will now be our Patient Coordinator and Heather moves into our new Business Coordinator
position.  Heather will still have hygiene appointments for her regular requesting patients.

Invisalign Clear Essentials II


Clear Essentials II has helped our office to enhance and build on our Invisalign case experience for our patients. This course delivered insights from our colleagues  to assist us in achieving even greater clinical results, enhance our overall knowledge and treat more complex cases using the Invisalign system.

All on 4


Dr. Triplett recently joined a study group with West Port Periodontics to create and devise a plan to permanently replace teeth for those patients in dentures.

For more information on the procedure or to see if you qualify for this treatment call our office to set up a consultation today.  All-On-4 Dental Solution information

Des Peres Health Fair


We were at it again!  We had another great event at the Des Peres Health Fair this year.  We were very focused on heart disease as it pertains to gum disease. 

Christmas Dinner


Since the end of the world was near we had to go out in style!  Thankfully the world did not end on 12/21/12! We wrapped up another great year with a wonderful dinner, great conversation and even better company!

If you are looking for a great place to have dinner check out Annie Guns. Our office has been enjoying the great food and atmosphere for many years!



Dr. Triplett and staff are proud to announce the launch of Invisalign! 

Dr. Triplett has been looking into and studying Invisalign's effectiveness for several years; therefore, it was only natural for our office to become Invisalign certified. We are proud to offer this cutting edge, breakthrough technology in our office! 

Come in for your free consultation!

Dr. Triplett, Phyllis and Marty will soon begin their Invisalign treatment as well.  This will be an exciting opportunity for our patients to ask questions and receive a first hand account of how the process works. 


Also Check out the progress of our office and patients as they go through the transformation on the soon to come Invisalign tab!

St. Louis Cardinals Game


What a night!  Our office went to the St. Louis Cardinals game.  Talk about morale boosting for the office.  We had a blast... plus a few sights we didn't expect...  The Cards may have lost to the Phyllies, but we didn't care.  We had a ton of fun!

Meet the Newest Support Dog


Marty is now training her 12th Support Dog!!  AMAZING! 

Continuing Education


We recently attended a continuing education conference on laser therapy for periodontitis.  The speaker was Dr. Braga, who did a great job to present this information in an interesting and exciting way... with a few laughs along the way.  For more information please visit West Port Periodontics' website: http://www.westportperio.com/index.html
Click on Links of interest

Thank you very much to West Port Periodontics for the invitation to this wonderful and educational conference!  Our office learned quite a bit! 

CPR Training


Our office took part in a CPR/BLS re-certification course. We are now up-to-date on all of the  latest information and procedures.
For more information on in office training for CPR check out CPR St. Louis ACLS - BLS - PALS www.stlcpr.com 
(314) 600-2075

Cerec Mill


Our office recently had a presentation of an in-office crown mill.  If our office decides to move forward with this technology we will be able to prepare your tooth and place the crown within one visit!  Currently our patients have their tooth prepared with a temporary crown placed, followed by another appointment in 3 weeks to place the crown once it has been sent out for our lab to create.  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to weigh in on our guestbook or on our Facebook page.

Des Peres Health Fair


In January Des Peres Hospital in conjunction with The Lodge hosted their first annual Health Fair.  Our office was honored to be a part of the fun.  Our topics included; links between periodontal disease and the heart, diabetes, obesity and diet, and dentistry for kids. This was a great success!  Look for us next year.  We will be handing out more fun and
goodies for everyone.

For more information check out these websites:

Honorary Dentist for the Day


In January our office appointed Paul V. as our honorary dentist for the day!  He was thrilled to have been bestowed this great honor! 

Office Christmas Party


This year's Christmas Party was held at, the always wonderful, Annie Gunn's restaurant in Chesterfield MO.  We had a wonderful night of fun and laughs while boosting moral for the office.  It is always nice to do something a little extra to keep the office feeling like a family instead of a group of people who happen to work together. What a great night for all of us!
...And what a great looking bunch!