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Correcting misaligned teeth not only improves the cosmetic value of our smile, it also improves our overall dental health.  By aligning our teeth properly we are able to achieve better oral hygiene, which in turn improves our gums and bone health allowing us to keep our teeth.  Chance of heart attack, diabetes and stroke has been shown to increase in patients with poor oral hygiene. 

Teeth which have been moved into a stable bite allow the teeth to work as gears, all working efficiently and in harmony.  This stability decreases wear on the teeth and restorations which results in less breakdown of tooth structure and fillings.  Teeth in a stable relationship also exert less pressure on the movable joint of the mouth.  This joint is also known as the Tempromandibular Joint or the TMJ.

Since we have been offering our patients the Invisalign treatment options to correct their bite and improve their smiles, the results have been predictably impressive.  We have been able to correct open bites, deep bites and anterior crowding to name a few.  Our patients love their new smiles!

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