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When a tooth is lost due to fracture, infection or bone loss, there are several options available to restore this area.  These options will be discussed with respect to re-establish full dental function. 

One option is to utilize a removable appliance to restore the missing tooth (teeth).  A removable appliance is the quickest treatment to restore missing teeth; however, it will not allow the patient to achieve maximum chewing forces due to inherent movements with this form of restoration.  Removable appliances also apply torque forces on the teeth which hold it in place and this can be detrimental to these teeth.

A second option to restore the missing tooth is to place a fixed, cemented bridge to complete the dental arch.  This restoration is very stable and bite forces are greatly improved.  The drawback to this treatment is the fact that adjacent teeth must be prepared (drilled on) to be used as supports for the bridge.

The third treatment option to restore a missing tooth is to place a dental implant in the bone where the tooth was lost.  This option requires a titanium implant (screw) to be implanted in the jaw bone. The implant is then allowed to integrate into the bone.  Once the implant has integrated into the bone it can be restored with a single crown.  This treatment allows the dentist to restore a single tooth and not involve any other teeth in the restoration.  The implant process does require more time to complete but yields a more natural resolution to tooth loss. Implant restorations represent the current standard of care in dentistry when dealing with tooth loss.

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