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Bone Graft

The state of the art and science in today‚Äôs dental office is to eliminate tooth loss all together.  If, however, a tooth is lost due to non-treatable symptoms then the hopeless tooth should be atraumatically extracted and a bone graft placed.  By extracting the hopeless tooth the dentist will eliminate further bone loss and enhance the success of grafting the defect.

The grafting material to be placed in the extraction site can be bone from many sources. First it can be taken from the patients own mouth, this does cause a second healing site to be managed. (Autograft)
Another type of graft material is called an allograft--typically freeze dried-sterile-human bone.
A third type of bone is from another species--most commonly bovine bone. (Xenograft)
A fourth type of graft material is from synthetic bone substrate.

The advantage of grafting the area is to minimize dental ridge resorption which occurs naturally with tooth loss.  The grafts area can then be treatment planned to accept a dental implant.

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